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Scaddows Farm PYO has been a family business for over 30 years. Opening each season come rain or shine we produce exceptional soft fruit including our famous strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrant, redcurrants and gooseberries. Set in the beautiful rolling hills of South Derbyshire, PYO fruit is not only a great activity for all the family but a beautiful spot to come and soak up some sun and scenery. Our seasonal Farm Shop opens in May / June, sourcing high quality products from Derbyshire, Leicestershire and the Mid- lands with the finest possible value, together with a friendly, personal service.

How It works
You arrive on your chosen day and follow the signs to our ample PYO car parking area. No entry fee is required on arrival.

Containers are available on entry for a small charge. You will then be directed to the best picking spots of the day! Please note you are not allowed to eat any fruit in the field, all fruit picked must be paid for.

On finishing picking return to the field stall where a staff member will weigh your picked fruit and you will be charged the price base on £ / kg.

Once you have paid for your fruit and container they are yours to keep and enjoy! Please note all fruit picked must be paid for so don't pick more that you want!!


  • Dogs - No Dogs allowed on site. As a fresh produce site we are unable to allow dogs for obvious health and safety reasons.
  • Fruit - All fruit picked must be paid for. Visitors are not allowed to eat the fruit as they walk around the fields.
  • Picnics - No picnics in the fruit fields. You are not allowed to sit in groups in the PYO fields, you will kindly be prompted to sit elsewhere onsite.
  • Children - Must be supervised at all times. No running or throwing fruit in the field. Please do not allow them to damage our crops.
  • Large Groups / Coaches - We are unable to accommodate large group trips and coaches.